A delicious formulation of canola and sunflower oil, enriched with healthy antioxidants of olives imported from Spain, CanOlive gives the olive advantage without any compromise on taste. So go ahead, make the smart choice and Olive your Life!

Healthy Eating & CanOlive
CanOlive is the ideal cooking oil for a healthy and balanced diet. Low in saturated fats, and bursting with the goodness of olive anti-oxidants and vitamins A, D and E, CanOlive is your perfect partner for a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, due to its unique formulation, CanOlive also contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. With an affordable price tag and delicious taste, this makes CanOlive the perfect choice for a combination of taste, health, and value. So choose CanOlive and Be Smart!

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After studying the literature independently and evaluating the product and the given composition of CanOlive, product of Punjab Oil Mills Ltd.,...we feel great pleasure in recommending this product for use by the general public to modify positively the risk factors of cardio-vascular disease.

Dr. Major Gen Masud ur Rehman Kiani (Retd.)
HI (M), SI, T.Bt.
Pakistan National Heart Association
From the first time I heard about CanOlive and tried the product, it has become a trusted partner in my kitchen. CanOlive really is a unique cooking oil because it offers more health benefits than other oils and also has a delicious taste. I use CanOlive for making all kinds of foods and it works great each time. What's more it is also reasonably priced.

Dr. Narjis Kazmi
Public Health Specialist, Islamabad.
I like CanOlive because it does not have the heaviness and smell of olive oil. I also find that it is great for frying because it does not change its color. And of course it has that advantage of Canola and olives combined in one package.

Mrs. Shafaq Hammad
Housewife, Gujranwala
The Olive Advantage
CanOlive is the only cooking oil in Pakistan that is fortified with the main anti-oxidant compound of Olive Oil and the key constituent that gives Olive Oil many of its health properties. This anti-oxidant, called Hydroxytyrosol, has been shown by bio-medical researchers to promote heart and cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol, and reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

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Great Taste
Unlike olive oil, CanOlive has a great taste that is ideal for making both Pakistani and Western cuisines. It has been formulated and extensively tested by chefs and cooking experts to ensure you can prepare both nutritious and great tasting meals when you cook with CanOlive. Health never tasted so good!
Unbeatable Value
Even though CanOlive has a unique formulation developed in technical collaboration with Genosa of Spain, and is the only cooking oil in Pakistan that has added olive antioxidants, it can be compared in prices to leading ordinary cooking oil brands of Pakistan. This means you get unbeatable value when you buy CanOlive; for no other oil delivers the same in health, taste and savings!