Remember it is not only the quantity of fat but also the type of fat you consume that has an important bearing on your cardiovascular health.  Chose oils low in “bad” saturated fats and high in “good” unsaturated fats; such as CanOlive with its unique formulation.
Good for Heart Health and Diabetes

CanOlive is fortified with the most powerful anti-oxidant from olives, Hydroxytyrosol or HT. CanOlive has the same concentration of HT as found in leading pure olive oil brands available in Pakistan. HT is believed to play an important role in the positive association between heart health and olive oil and olive oil benefits for diabetes.

Research has shown that HT plays an important role in the cardio-protective properties of olive oil, as it is believed to improve the blood lipid profile, reduce risk of thrombosis, reduce harmful effects of lipid oxidation, reduce atherosclerosis development and is anti-inflammatory.

Research suggests that HT may help in preventing type-2 diabetes due to its mitochondrial targeting property. Moreover HT is shown to be beneficial for diabetic individuals as it inhibits hyperglycemia and oxidative stress, thereby helping to prevent related diabetic complications. HT also reduces the risk of thrombosis in diabetic patient due to its anti-aggregating platelet action.